School Life

Culture Day

Indonesia’s richness in culture allows learners to effectively implement the “Act local, think global” approach in order to develop an international mindedness and a responsible citizenship.





Book Festival

We believe that books are the windows to knowledge. We value the development of our learners’ literacy by inviting the whole school to take part in our yearly book festival which involves storytellling, reading buddies, and other fun activities. We also invite local book stores to participate in this event by showcasing their latest releases to our community.


Science Fair

Learners engage with exciting and stimulating topics in order to nurture a scientific train of thought. As groups, they will perform various scientific experiments inspired by their own curiosity and then share their findings to the whole school during our annual exhibition event. We believe that this fun and fulfilling activity will facilitate learner’s to connect with and gloify the source of all creation.  


Market Day

As an extension of transdisciplinary learning, learners will participate in economic activities enabling them to be wise and responsible homo economicus. The use of money and other mediums of exchange will help in developing a conceptual understanding of the economic cycles.



Islamic Festival

As part of an Islamic-mindedness initiative, the school encourages learners to participate in our Islamic Festival event. Islamic values serve as the core tenet of learning and teaching at Paradisa Cendekia integrated with international curriculum standards and approaches.

Khotmul Qur'an

One of the premier programs SPC offers is the celebration of the completion of Tahfidz and Tahsin. This inauguration is conducted yearly to honor the achievement of huffadz who have completed the qur’anic memorization program.


Student Excursion

To support our transdisciplinary learning, we organize excursions that are related to our leaners’ current unit of inquiry. These excursions are conducted during school hours under the close supervision of teachers and helpers.





PYP Exhibition

As the culmination of learning, learners will conduct their final journey at grade 6 (six) by demonstrating essential elements of the PYP through the PYP exhibition. Issues of local and global significance will be explored in order to arrive at a solid and meaningful solution. Learners will be mentored and  accompandied by their teachers and then be assessed by the school as well as their peers. Parents and PYP communities will also be invited to witness and celebrate our learners’ achievemnts at this event. 


Learning Environment

As a nurturing school, we cater to the basic needs of the learners by sufficiently meeting their physical and social space. We strive to maintain a clean, cozy, and comfortable environment in order to provide learners with the most enjoyable learning experience.