Curriculum Framework

Sekolah Paradisa Cendekia is an IB PYP candidate school. We work relentlessly to integrate into the worldwide community of learners by offering the Primary Years Programme imbued with core Islamic values and national curriculum standards.

These programmes is best conducted through inquiry-based pedagogy. Inquiry serves as the cornerstone of school’s approach that encourages learners to actively engage and involve in their learning thereby creating meaningful and deeper understanding of relevant and challenging issues. It underlines learners’ creation of their learning that ultimately drives them to be responsible of their further exploration and inquiries. It significantly promotes conceptual understandings and knowledge transfer while continuously challenges them to engage in a broader problems and big ideas that is timeless, enduring, relevant and significant. 

Learner’s questions and wonderings is facilitated in the 6 [six] transdisciplinary themes that link and transgress subjects, topics and themes. It is beyond traditional topical and thematic knowledge. Essentially, it is a transdisciplinary that ‘at once between the disciplines, across the different disciplines, and beyond all disciplines’ that no longer distinguishable. These ingredients will be further elaborated in the school Programme of Inquiry [POI] explained at every Parent Info Session [PIS].   

Most notably, as lifelong learners, their explorations and inquiries will be strengthened and enhanced by its reference to the core values of normative moral practices of Islam instanced by living Islam that properly corresponds to the current and socio-cultural challenges of the day.